Custom Trade Exhibition Booth

  • Brand Name: MILIN DISPLAYS
  • Model Number: ML-EB #35
  • Material: Aluminum tube/Tension fabric
  • Design Format: PDF,PSD, AI, CDR, JPG
  • Color: CMYK full color
  • Printing: Heat Transfer Printing
  • Size: 20*20ft,20*30ft,30*40ft,customized
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    Introducing our latest booth solution that offers advanced materials and printing options. Here are the key features summarized:

    Material Information:

    Graphic: Our booth uses tension fabric for a sleek and professional appearance.

    Frame: The booth frame is crafted from aluminum with an oxidation surface treatment, ensuring both durability and an attractive finish.

    Feet plate: We have incorporated a sturdy steel feet plate, providing enhanced stability.

    Printing Information:

    Printing: Our booth utilizes heat transfer printing, ensuring high-quality and vibrant graphics.

    Printer color: With CMYK full-color printing, every detail is brought to life, resulting in stunning visuals.

    Type: You have the option to choose between single or double-sided printing, maximizing the visibility and impact of your message.

    Features & Advantages:

    Easy and Quick Set-Up: Our booth is designed with simplicity in mind, allowing for easy set-up and dismantling, saving you time and effort.

    Lightweight: We prioritize portability by using lightweight materials, making it convenient to transport.

    High Quality Durability and Stability: Our booth is built to last, ensuring durability and stability, giving you peace of mind during events. It can also be folded for convenient storage.

    Easy Graphics Change: Changing the printing graphics on our booth is a breeze, allowing for maximum flexibility. Additionally, our products are environmentally friendly.

    Large Size and Multi-Functionality: Our booth is spacious, making it perfect for use as an advertising wall. Its fashionable design also adds versatility, catering to various applications.


    Our booth is well-suited for a wide range of applications, including advertising, promotion, events, trade shows, and exhibitions. Its versatility, combined with its attractive design, makes it an excellent choice for showcasing your brand and grabbing attention in any setting.

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      How long does it take to install one booth?

      A: The installation time for a 3×3 (10×10′) booth typically takes approximately 30 minutes with only one person. For a 6×6 (20×20′) booth, one person can complete the installation in about 2 hours. Our booths are designed for fast and easy assembly.

    • 02

      Can the banners and frame be recycled?

      A: Yes, both the banners and frames are made with recyclable materials. We are committed to using environmentally friendly materials in our products. Additionally, you can easily replace the cover of the banners when needed for different events, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

    • 03

      Can the size of the exhibition booth be customized?

      A: Yes, most of our products can be customized in terms of size. We have our own factory and technical teams that can cater to your specific size requirements. Please let us know the size you want, and our professional team will provide suggestions.

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      Can the size of the exhibition booth be customized?

      A: Absolutely! As we have our own factory and technical teams, we are able to customize the size of most of our products. Just let us know the size you require, and our professional teams will provide you with suitable suggestions.

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