The Milin company’s development history


In 2008, Milin was a design and planning company, serving for products VI designs, product manuals, brand websites, physical store image designs, brand and gift designs, brand promotion plan designs, etc.

In 2012, in addition to serving brand planning and designs, Milin company has its own production capacity, producing advertising banners, posters, KT boards, light box advertising banners, and serving several brand owners in the Chinese market.

In 2016, Milin Company established the international trade departments, started selling the advertising fabrics items and display stands to overseas markets.

In 2018, the number of customers and sales value of Milin company increased by leaps and bounds.
In order to meet the needs of customers, we gradually developed and produced tension fabric trade show display stands, exhibition booth equipments, advertising tents, promotion tables, inflatable tents, inflatable arches, inflatable columns, etc. , became an enterprise integrating industry and trade.

So far, Milin has more than 3,000 customers around the world and has obtained more than 30 product patents.
Our products are durable, lightweight, beautiful in appearance and cost-effective.
And also can be customized to meet customer requirements.
We sell well all over the world in a variety of styles, showcasing extraordinary results, new and unique products.

Post time: Sep-06-2022