Hight Quality Inflatable Archway

  • Brand Name: Tentspace
  • Model Number: TS-IT#22
  • Material: TPU inside material, 600D oxford cloth
  • Feature: Air sealed system,no need continuous air flowing
  • Design Format: PDF, PSD, AI, CDR, JPG
  • Color: CMYK full color
  • Printing: Heat Transfer Printing
  • Size: W4m*H3m, W5m*H3.5m, W6m*H4m, W7m*H5m, W8m*H4m, W8m*H5m, Customizable size
  • Accessories: Electric pump, Spikes, Ropes
  • Application: Indoor and outdoor events, racing, trade show, special activities, sports, new product launch
  • product


    MILIN is a wholesale supplier and manufacturer for providing high-end materials and solutions for global brands’ events and festivals. For the past 10 years, we have always been following with the company guidelines strictly and sticking to its service-oriented culture and quality first philosophy. MILIN has served tons of thousands of renown brands worldwide with our solutions which are full of flexibility and professionalism. The industries that we have served including automobiles, food sales, financial insurance, electronic products and some big race events.

    Our 'Silent' inflatable columns are designed to be convenient and versatile. The absence of a permanent air blower makes them completely silent once inflated, allowing for a peaceful environment. Their durable construction ensures that they can remain inflated for approximately 20 days without any leakage, offering long-lasting reliability. As an optional feature, efficient LED illumination can be incorporated, providing effective visibility even in low-light conditions. These inflatable columns offer easy and rapid setup, thanks to their lightweight design, making them suitable for use in various locations. Additionally, they can be personalized with sublimation printing, enabling unique customization to suit specific branding or promotional needs. Notably, their easy setup, changeable advertising arches, and minimal need for constant inflation make them highly practical and time-saving. With a setup time of just 10 minutes, the 'Silent' inflatable columns offer a seamless and efficient solution for versatile advertising and promotional purposes.

    wedding trade show booth
    decoration backdrop stands
    pole backdrop stand
    stand alone backdrop stands


    • 01

      What is an inflatable arch?

      A:An inflatable arch is a cost-effective solution to boost your brand awareness and draw attention to promotion events or marketing campaigns.

    • 02

      What are the materials of inflatable arches?

      A: Inflatable arches are usually made of Oxford fabric that are durable, tear-resistant, waterproof, UV-resistant, and other carefully selected high end materials.

    • 03

      Can the size of the inflatable arches be customized?

      A: Yes, inflatable arches can be customized with different sizes based on customer needs, Generally, they come with W4m*H3m, W5m*H3.5m, W6m*H4m, W7m*H5m, W8m*H4m, W8m*H5m as standard sizes.

    • 04

      Are inflatable arches suitable for outdoor use?

      A: Yes, inflatable arches can be used for both indoors and outdoors, like at the entrance of a shopping mall, exhibitions, sporting events, etc.

    • 05

      Can inflatable arches be reused?

      A: Yes, inflatable arches can be reused as long as they are kept and maintained in a good condition and no damage.

    • 06

      Is it possible to customize colors and logos for inflatable arches?

      A: Yes, inflatable arches support personalized designs. Customers can select their preferred colors and add company logos or other graphics to the arches.

    • 07

      How do I inflate the inflatable arch? How long do I need to inflate the inflatable arch again?

      A: Does not require a permanent blower, inflatable rainbow arch only needs to be filled with air by using Electric pump and will last about 20 days without being refilled, you can check inflatable square arch after 20 days. And can always maintain noiseless.

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