Inter Expo Inc

Inter Expo Inc, as a professional and famous organizer, offers a full range of services for domestic and international exhibitions, space & booth design. They organized several of eye-catching and successful exhibitions all over the world, like US, Poland, Germany, UK, Italy,Singapore,and etc. They need to cooperate with a reliable and experienced manufacturer in the field of trade show booth, lightbox and hanging sign, to help them showing these challenging ideas by real products and make clients satisfied. Furthermore, lightbox and illuminated hanging banner are typical branding products for their exhibitions, so they desire to get a eye-catching, special and portable products for each exhibition.

Therefore, When they have trouble customizing a giant curved illuminated hanging banner, with features of lightweight and easy assembly, Inter Expo Inc found out us, who help them to produce this unique hanging lightbox successfully. Inter Expo Inc used this awesome hanging lightbox on their exhibitions and extremely satisfied by the quality and print of lightbox.

Milin display,has been working in the filed of exhibitions more than 10years, committed to providing the most professional solutions, serviced many famous brands in the automobile, such as Lexus, Mercedes, Ford, BYD etc. It is easy to say impossible when you do somethings ever meet before, but our research and development group have the ability to change ‘impossible’ to ‘I’m possible’. We created that unique hanging banner for Inter Expo Inc successfully, which it a beginning to extend our win-win business as well.

Some details of that outstanding hanging banner for your reference as following.

1) Size:L600*W400*H200cm

2) Shape: L shape with curved corner

3) Material: Plywood frame and Silicone edge graphic(SEG)

4) Features & Advantages:

   1. Easy and quick to set-up and dismantle.

   2. Light weight, illuminated.

   3. High quality durability and great stability, available to be fold storage, convenient to transport.

   4. Easy to change printing graphics, environment-friendly products.

   5. Large size, can be as the advertising wall,fashionable and multi-functional.

5) Application:Exhibition, trade show, canton, wedding events, product launch and other special activities.

Post time: Nov-14-2023