Many car brands choose Milin's inflatable tents and inflatable arches for outdoor promotions, and Ford is no exception.

The annual purchase quantity is about 650 sets, which are used for car launch event and marketing promotions. The inflatable custom tent will surely help brand get the recognition. Compared with ordinary tents, they are more creative and eye-catching , making the brand more welcoming.

Ford chose a high-end 6*6m X inflatable tent printed with blue background and LOGO at each side;The air-tight system requires no continuous air supply to keep upright. It can be no obvious air leakage at least 20 days after being inflated.

The inflatable feet are made of durable anti-scratch material, which is different from similar products in the current market.

Link multiple tents together to create a custom re-configurable display and maximise your brand space,even with different sizes.

Our inflatable tent has CE certification, and we have flame retardant certificate for the tent fabric.

Post time: Dec-13-2023